One of the coolest features in RealtyZapp is the ability to execute Blast emails. In this 201 level guide, we will delve into the notion of targeted marketing strategies.

You should already be familiar with the basics of Blasts, Contacts, and Tags before taking on this guide.  

Let us bring order to the chaos of your contacts and marketing communications. Using RealtyZapp's Contacts, EZ CRM, and Blasts features, we will devise and execute an effective strategy which will take your business to a higher level.

Everyone has a contact list be it large or small, neat or messy. You can probably relate with the notion of sending out an email to everyone on your list and just hoping that someone will respond positively. That's probably not the best strategy. There is a saying in the marketing world that goes something like "the right message to the right people at the right time". Let us call this RRR and make it our marketing moto. 


The first goal is to organize your contacts in terms of who, what, where, etc. Who are they to you? What do they want? What has been done? Where did they come from? Where are they going? In marketing venacular, there are lots of terms for these concepts i.e. source, pipeline, value, qualification, yada, yada, yada. 

The second goal is to keep your contacts organized

The third goal is to reap value from your contacts (difficult, if not impossible, unless the first two goals are a priority). 

Let us use simple, if not trite, examples going forward in order to make the concepts clear. Just keep in mind that you are at liberty to devise your own strategy however you want, including the terminology.

chaos to order

The above diagram depicts starting with a set of contacts that are assumed to be in chaos. We want to devise a plan that will result in an ordered, effective, and valuable set of contacts. 


Let us imagine terms to describe a contact's temperature i.e. Hot, Warm, and Cold. Cold is someone who is not well defined to you , they may be from a lead list or a contact me form submission or maybe just never had any engagement with you to date. Warm is someone who has engaged with you perhpas by email or by phone. They are a prospect. Hot is someone who you are heavily engage with, they have a solid potential for closed business. The strategy is to progress a contact to Hot and ultimately valuable business.


It is assumed that a particular contact will be only one of either Hot, Wam, or Cold at any given point in time. This is called mutually exclusive. But a contact can transition from any one to another.


Let us also imagine terms to describe what a contact is interested in i.e. Commercial or Residential. Even more specific would be terms like Office, Retail, Duplex, MultiFamily, etc... 


This 3 part user guide continues.