This is the 2nd part of a 3 part series where we will continue by delving into each of the three goals.


Goal #1

The task at hand is to apply terms (tags) to your contacts as best as possible. This can be done at the time of import or after.  How?

  • Before import - using the import template xlsx, you can pre-assign the tags for each contact record.
  • During import - use the tag+ tool to assign tags. You will have to break up your list into batches in order to apply different tags to particular sets of contacts (so consider the template method as you can import all of the contacts at once).
  • After import - use the Filter and Select - tag+ tools to asign tags to selected sets of contacts.

Okay, you now have a list of Contacts in RealtyZapp and they are tagged pretty well. 


Goal #2

As you go forward, your job is to keep the contact list clean and orderly. How?

  • When importing contacts, tag them as best as possible. If they are from a list, tag them with List, Cold. If the list is more specific then tag the contacts accordingly e.g. List, Cold, Commercial, Broker. 
  • When adding a contact ad-hoc e.g. from a contact me form submission or a phone call, always add one or more tags e.g. ContactMe, Warm.
  • When something happens regarding a particular contact e.g. viewed one of your properties, update thier tags accodingly and update contact's EZ CRM accordingly e.g. log the viewing.
  • Weed out - Weed out dead and non-relavant contacts. You can tag them e.g. Dead or better yet Trash them.  
  • Prune - for example, if a Hot contact has gone AWAL, remove the Hot tag and replace it with something else e.g. Cold or Dead. Keep the EZ CRM information up to date e.g. add logs and notes and remove followup and close dates and value, etc.
  • Devise your Blast jobs to tag+/- accordingly e.g. if recipient clicks on a link, tag(-) Cold and tag(+) Warm. More about this kind of technique will follow.


Goal #3

Reap the value. Regardless of what you may deem as value, the time and effort you put into your contacts needs to be valuable. Many people deem their contact list as so valuable yet they are afforded no tangile value from it. No RRR is probably why. With RealtyZapp, you are afforded everything needed to reap great value from your contact list and your marketing efforts.

Targeted Marketing is industry buzz term which is really the same as RRR. 

The bullseye zone is where the tangible value is. The bullseye represents those contacts that your marketing efforts have resulted in value.  The next zone, outside of the bullseye, is the contacts that are in good standing or so called engaged. The red outer zone is what you want to reduce if not eliminate hitting. These are people who let your emails go to Junk, or flat out block your emails, or worst, take the time and effort to Opt-Out of your emails. Sure, if these are truely not valuable contacts, it is best that they do get weeded out but most of the time the lack of any notion of RRR will cause an abundance of hitting the red zone.


In the next guide in the series, we will devise a Blast to the end goal.