Did you know that your RealtyZapp Blasts can drip and that dripping is not a bad thing?

Marketing terminology can be humorous. Terms like drip and trickle actually are legitimate marketing strategies. It's true, Google it and you will see.

Put simply, a drip marketing campaign is a strategy where you send, or drip, a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. Is a drip campaign applicable in real estate? The answer is probably yes. 

Let us imagine a hypothetical example where you want to progress your contacts/leads from a state of unqualified to a state of qualified in terms of what role best fits them and what are they most interested in. Are they a buyer, seller, agent, broker, lender, or what? Are they interested in commercial or residential? retail or office? buy or lease?

Let us devise a multiple email blast campaign. The first blast is sent to a broad set of contacts e.g. all new contacts. When the recipient responds to the email by opening or clicking on a link or button, the contact record is tagged accordinly and this triggers the second email blast to be sent to them at a predetermined time in the future e.g. the next day.

The second email should be more relavant to the person and is intended to further qualify the contact by thier reponses. The chain or path that the contact follows depends on the responses to each email along the way.  In any email, there can be mulpiple options that the recipient can repsond to, each tagging the contact record accordingly. This technique affords not only better qualification but also branching. For example, a blast email might contain two links, one for Retail space and one for Office space. If the recipient clicks on the Office link, they will be tagged with Office. The recipient might click on both Retail and Office indicating an interest in both types of properties.




Hopefully this simple example is valuable and sparks your own ideas for marketing strategies using your RealtyZapp contacts and blasts.