We'd be more than happy to repeat that Blast for you. All you have to do is make one small change to the Blast and we will automagically execute it as often as you want and for as long as you want.


  • Go to your Blasts list and click edit on one of them.
  • Click on the when section to expand it. 
  • Click on the check box to enable repeat.
  • Choose how often you want the job to repeat i.e daily, monthly, etc.
  • Optionally, you can choose and end on... date. If you leave this date empty, the run wil repeat indefinitely.


Not all Blasts are intended to repeat, they are one time use or meant to be ran ad-hoc as you need them. On the other hand, some Blasts are great candidates for repeating i.e. welcome/introduction email, newsletter, featured/new properties.

A repeating Blast is a good fit for what is sometimes know as trickle or drip campaigns. These are techniques that are intended to nuture communication and relationship in a manner that is considerate of all parties.


Before you jump in and turn repeat on any Blast, you need to consider the following...

  • Don't send the same message more than once to a person. You need to set up the who and when properly with respect to the tags. 
  • Don't send a message that is not relavant to a person. So again, the who and when tags are important.
  • Don't be inconsiderate of timeing. Too often is bad and not often enough is bad.

 Let us look at a couple of simple examples...

Welcome/Introduction - an email that introduces you and what you do and what you have to offer. Typically includes some featured properties. This is a good type of email to send to new contacts e.g. a list of real estate agents belonging to a business networking group you just joined. This kind of Blast would have characteristics like...

  • Who - use the who tags to set up a logic where the who includes new contacts but excludes anyone who already got the email. This typically requires coordination with the use of the when tags.
  • When - repeat daily or weekly to catch new contact soon after they are added. Use the when tags to set up something that indicates the contact was sent the email and that will coordinate withe the who tags so that a contact does nto get the same email again.
  • What - content does not change much over time except for occasional updates e.g. new featured properties.

Newsletter or Feature Properties - an email that showcases something new or relavant or a periodic basis. Content must be fresh and relavant. Charactertisitcs include...

  • Who - use the who tags to set up a logic where the who includes a more broad set of contacts. May be targeted e.g. Commercial vs Residential or Investors vs Agents.
  • When - repeat bi-weekly or monthly. Not too often. Use when tags as you see fit e.g. tagging opens and clicks.
  • What - content must be fresh and relavent. That means you must update the content before each send. If it is a newsletter type, then provide new information. If it is a featured properties type, then change up the properties each time. Can be both news and featured in the same email but be sure the content is fresh and relavant.

Regarding trickle and/or drip campaigns, these typically involve a series or progression of emails over time and as a result of behaviors.  For example, you might have a welcome email that has links with tagging that indicates interest in Retail vs Office properties. You then have a subsequent Blast, specific for Retail opportunities, that will be sent to the contact as a result of the click on the retail link.

On talk.realtyzapp.com, you can find many more user guides and discussions about different kinds of marketing campigns using your contacts and blasts.