In a previous user guide series, we delved in using RealtyZapp's Contacts and Blasts features to execute a targeted marketing campaign strategy.

Let us continue where we left off and entertain a hypothetical opportunity where a seller has contracted you to broker the sale of the Brook Building (a high end Medical Office space building). If you can close a deal in short order, you will get a huge commission bonus.

Your contact list's potential value just went up a notch! You pop into RealyZapp and go right to your Contacts. Who is a best fit for the Brook Building?

brook building opportunity

Your prior efforts have been worth it. Using the Filtering and Search tools, you realize that you have a bunch of buyer, investor and lender contacts that are a good fit for the Brook Building opportunity.

Who has the most potential? Who are you going to call? Who are you going to blast an email to? What's your next move?

Being you and RealtyZapp have done a good job thus far in not only tagging interests, but also temperature, you can target the Hottest contacts considering them as most likely to engage in the Brook Building opportunity.


Imagine you put together a really good looking email in Blasts for the Brook Building and blast it to all contacts who are a fit, including the hottest contacts. In the blast you use the when tags to set send tag(+) and click tag(+) to somehting like BrookOpen and BrookClick so you can track each contact that opens the Brook Building email and clicks on any link.

Now you have the freedom to spend your time following up with the hottest contacts via phone or other means. Back in RealtyZapp, we do the work of executing and tracking the blast. You can monitor the blast's performance via Wow and follow up with anyone who responded favorably to the blast email by finding contacts that have BrookOpen and/or BrookClick tags.

Why would you not blast the Brook Building opportunity to ALL of your contacts? Is not more better? The answer is ummm ...NO. Remember our little RRR moto? "the right message to the right people at the right time"

Sending wrong mesage to the wrong people at the wrong time is the best way to get people to Opt-Out of ALL of your emails. Don't risk loosing a contact who might be valuable in another opportunity down the road for a ummm ...0.00% chance they might be interested in a Medical building.

Do you ever have any real opportunities like our hypothetical one? Do you see how RealtyZapp can afford you a valuable advantage? Let us know what you think.