The topic of embed codes is vast as is its technologies and implementations.

RealtyZapp is designed to be the ultimate real estate maketing place. We want you to be in the spotlight, not us, we are perfectly fine taking a backstage role. With that being said, we want to enable you with all of technology we can muster so that you can promote you, your business and your properties. Embed codes are just one of the many tools we provide to do just that. 

This artcle is intended for the techies out there who know a bit about HTML, CSS, etc.

First, let us say that our implemetation of embed code is not the only approach by which you can get information from RealtyZapp to show up somewhere else but we believe it is a pretty good approach that works good for most cases and requires no extra javascript coding. Just paste the embed code into your webite's HTML.

Our approach is to use an explicitly sized div wrapper around a iframe. Not rocket science. As you probably already know, you can achieve fixed and responsive results from this approach depending what you do with the wrapper div.

The cool stuff is the url that is the source of the iframe and this url's set of prarameters. As you play with the Share tool you can get a feel for how the options are implemented as querystring parameters in the url. 

From their inception, both the agent profile page and the listing page were designed to be embeded. 

Look at the first prameter, action=e where e means embed. This strips off the RealtyZapp header and footer, etc. and gives you an almost chromeless result. All of the other perameters show/hide or configure what is displayed.

Another noteworthy parameter is the live=1|0 parameter. If live=1 then the result is alive with active links etc. If live=0 then link's and clickability is disable primarily by masking the entire display with a no-click div. You are probably familiar with that approach.

Regarding links and going to other pages, when embedded, almost all links will open up a new tab and are displayed from the full site as we assume that you don't want your visitors getting lost in other pages inside the embedded iframe.

You are probably wondering how this whole thing would work if you used your own javascript or curl to get the HTML content. Free free to do so but know that RealtyZapp is chock full of javascript, css, etc. It makes use of javascript, Bootstrap and Angular JS. You will have to deal with stripping out the good stuff from all the fluff.