Did you know a property scout coud be shared with other users or your clients?

For example, let us pretend you are a real estate agent and you have a new client, John, who is looking for a property. You can go to the RealtyZapp.com Find page and create a new scout. Give it a name e.g. Properties for John. Position the map, set the filters, etc. to match John's criteria.

Then copy the scout's link (found under the scout's settings) and email it to John. When John clicks on the link, he is brough the Find page and everything appears exactly as you set it, the map position, the filters, the sort. Now you have given John a great start and he will surely thank you for it. 

The above example may be simple but you should now see how you could put the power of property scouts to work for you.

Here is a tip - if you want to try out your scout link, just copy the link and then open up a new incognito/private web browser window. Paste the link into the address bar and hit enter. This will simulate what your client will experience.

This is just one of many ways that RealtyZapp lets you share with others. If you like this article and want to see others like it then search for Share.


When sharing scouts you need to keep a few things in mind...

  • A scout is live meaning it is aways going to show results that meet the criteria at the time you view it. Every time is it used/viewed, it will show properties that meet its critera at that moment.
  • If you trash your copy of the scout, any links to that scout won't work anymore. So don't trash a scout unless you are sure you are done with it and it is of no use to anyone else.
  • The Hot Properties Only filter does not apply to a scout's link. Hot properties are private to you, not anyone else, so they are omitted from sharing links.
  • My Properties Only filter does work. It is a great way to share your properties with others. Other filter crieria and map position still apply and can omit properties. So My Properties Only does not garantee ALL of your properties will be displayed. The rule of thumb is, WYSIWYG. If you don't see a particular property on the map then it is being filtered out.