Making your images look great is a goal. The RealtyZapp app tries its best to size and crop your images for you so they really pop. As you know, we recommend certain image sizes and aspect ratios wherever possible. For example, in property listings, it suggested that you upload images that are 3x2 aspet ratio and if that is not the case, the app crops the image when displaying it.

Well, in the email template deisgner, you have more artistic freedoms when it comes to images. The blocks that include images typically allow you resize and/or crop the images. We go about this a bit different than you might have seen in other systems. 

Some blocks allow you to choose between predefined sizes and your image will be cropped to fit the size. Other blocks allow you to +/- the height of the image and again your image will be cropped to fit the box's height.

This cropping approach has its pros and cons depending on your expectations. The pros include...

  • Images that are alluring. A partial or cropped image promotes interest or curiousity to see more. It is a proven technique.
  • Uniform images that are not streched or skewed.
  • Easy to use and will not goof up the layout of other elements.
  • Responsive meaning looks good on different sized displays e.g. phones.

Some cons include...

  • Cropping of images like logos in most cases is not desired. In that case, choose to place your logo in a block that is designed to size the image correctly. More about that below.
  • Some images, when cropped cut off important elements of the image. Our cropping uses simple center of gravity to crop meaning it typically crops from the middle of the image. If you can't achieve the desired result then you may want to edit the image outside of RealtyZapp and import it as a new image.

Here are some tips and tricks...

For logos or other images that you do not want to crop, there are ways to get the image to look great. Lets take a logo for example. When using a logo in the CONTACT block, you can adjust the height of the image box until the logo fits, Increase or decrease the height using the up/down icons and if you need to be more precise, you can type in a number. The same technique works for other types of blocks.

For full width images like logos and banner images you can use the IMAGE block. Make sure the Show Gutter is turned off. Then resize the height until the image fits exactly within the box.

Uploading images. You can choose to use an existing image or you can upload a new image to use and it will added to your gallery of images. Try to upload images that are at least 600px wide and of good quality.

Downloading images is tricky becasue the images displayed in the designer and its gallery are not what you think. They are either thumbnails or wierd virtual data streams of the image. So if you need to download one of your images so you can edit it and then upload it again, we suggest you go to your Dashboard - Files and download it from there.

Really crop those images a lot. As said above, cropped images are alluring. Try using several rows of the image blocks like the TWO IMAGE GALLERY or the THREE IMAGE GALLERY. Crop each row to a different height to achive a nice visual effect.

Stagger the images when possible. For example if you are using several of the IMAGE + TEXT blocks, alternate the images from left to right and their sizes for a nice visual effect.