What is Talk.RealtyZapp.com?

What is Talk.RealtyZapp.com?

Talk RealtyZapp is a community site where everyone can talk about anything to do with RealtyZapp and Real Estate. 

Talk RealtyZapp is the place where the RealtyZapp user community can ask questions, get answers, and chime in about anything to do with RealtyZapp or Real Estate. 

Talk RealtyZapp.com goes far beyond the simple online help found in the RealtyZapp.com application. You will find in-depth how-to discussions, FAQ, and expert advice from the best source on earth -the community of ReatyZapp users, agents, and brokers. 

Of course the RealtyZapp team will chime in as much as possible.  

Talk RealtyZapp.com requires you to register before you can participate. We chose to keep this registration separate from RealtyZapp.com's registration affording you the ability to maintain separate characters (identities). 

Talk RealtyZapp.com is monitored by the RealtyZapp team so anything you post will have to be approved before it is made public, We will do our best to be pronto. We reserve the right to deny any post at our discretion but we don't think we'll have to do this very often. As your reputation increases, you may even raise above monitored status. 

Ok, RealtyZapp is all about Real Estate and we expect and encourage the community of professionals in the real estate biz to chime in. However, everyone needs to be respectful of others personal space. No spamming! Sure, you can boast about yourself and your company and your business but do it in a professional manner. If the community complains about you, you may get booted out. 

And know that you will surely get booted out for chiming about anything not related to RealtyZapp or Real Estate. 

Sound Fair? If you think so then go ahead and register and become part of the community. 

-the RealtyZapp team