Contacts - Scrub them

Contacts - Scrub them

Scrub is synonymous with clean or tidy.

When we say "scrub your email list", we mean to keep it clean or keep it tidy. RealtyZapp can help you make light work of this but you still have to do some of the work.

Cleaning your email list might include one or more of the following...

  • Correct email addresses - perhaps there is a typo in the email address. Check it and correct it if necessary.
  • Remove bad email addresses - these are typically email addresses that do not exist.
  • Stop emailing people who don't want your emails - let them opt out of your emails or at least let them specify what they want and don't want.
  • Stop emailing people who do not show any interest - track opens, clicks, etc.
  • Target your emails - send the right message to the right people.

RealtyZapp affords you many tools to scrub your email list but Tags is by far the #1 tool. Tags can be used strategically in ways that make scrubbing almost seem effortless. You are probably already familiar with using tags in Contacts for the purpose of categorizing and then using those tags in a Blast in terms of the Who tags. But did you know that tags can be used to identify non-deliverable/bad email addresses or to suppress sending emails to people who are just not interested? 

In a Blast Job, down in the When section, are what we call the Magic Tags. Here you can add/remove tags based on events pertaining to the email. You can add/remove tags for the send, open, click, and non-deliverable events. A simple example is to add a tag like "ND" to the non-deliverable event. When the Blast executes, any contacts where the email was non-deliverable will be tagged with "ND". Now that you have bad email addresses tagged, you can either delete them, turn them off, or exclude them from further Blasts. 

What about opting out of your emails? If a person chooses to opt-out of all emails from RealtyZapp or just emails from you by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, there is little you can do revive them short of convincing them to go back to the link and opt back in. Avoid this. Give them a softer approach to tell you what they are interested in. For example, you could put links in your email that gives them options to click if they are interested in certain information from you e.g. Commercial vs Residential or Office vs Retail. Use tags in the link to capture their choices. Now you can target them with the right messages and they will be much less likely to just click the unsubscribe link.

After you have executed a few Blasts using the tags as described above, you can go back over your list and look for who has responded and who has not. It is suggested that you do not continue to email people who show no response. It is not that we want to conserve emails, we just know that you are more likely to get someone to respond negatively if you keep poking them.

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