Company Profile

Company Profile

 Showcase your Company!
You can now represent your Company in RealtyZapp. Be it a National Chain, a Firm, or a Agency Office, RealtyZapp can now showcase it.

Manage Your Company Info

A SUPER subscription affords you a Company Profile in addition to a Agent Profile. You can use one or both of these features on a single account. Before you decide to create a Company Profile, consider a few things which will help you decide how to go about it...

  • What is the company's structure or hierarchy in terms of locations, and agents?
  • Who will be the so called admin of the Company Profile? It does not have to be the company owner. It could be a designated admin person
  • What are the company's policy regarding the company brand i.e. logo, colors, agent representation?
  • Does the company own/pay for the individual agent's RealtyZapp subscriptions?

Be sure to check out all the additional information about a Company Profile on the website.

In its simplest form, a Company Profile provides the following features...

  • A entry in the RealtyZapp directory much like a agent profile entry.
  • A Company profile page on the RealtyZapp website.
  • The Company page can be shared and embedded.

A Company Profile along with the Syndicates feature provides many more features like branding and agent represention. See the Syndicates feature for more information.

Create a Company Profile

Once you decide to create a company profile all you have to do is check the on/off box and fill in the profile info much like you did on the agent profile page.

Keep in mind that only one Company Profile should be created for any particular group of agents. Decide on one RealtyZapp account to be the so called admin of the Company Profile. The only requirement is that this account has a SUPER subscription.

What next?

Now that you have created a Company Profile, you can go to the directory to see it in action.

As mentioned above, Syndicates adds many more features to your Company Profile. Check out the Syndicates page for more information.

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