Manage all of your Messages in one place
With your RealtyZapp subscription, you can send and receive messages with other RealtyZapp members. You can choose to be notified by email whenever you receive a message. If you have a paid subscription, anyone can send you a message when they visit your Agent page or one of your listing pages.

What are Messages?

Messages are sent to you by other members and visitors from within RealtyZapp. Messages can be sent from several places in RealtyZapp i.e. Property Listing, Agent Profile, Company Profile, etc. The RealtyZapp system itself may even send you a message. Messages are private. You are able to see both messages sent to you and messages sent by you.

Incoming messages are tagged to provide an indication of...
  1. Contact qualification e.g. Lead, Prospect, etc.
  2. Further qualification e.g. Agent/Broker, Tenant/Buyer, etc.
  3. Where the message originated from i.e. Listing, Agent Profile, Company Profile, etc.
  4. What e.g. 1234 Main St. (street address of the listing)

RealtyZapp messages are a simple and convenient means to communicate but are not intended to be a replacement for other types of communications like email and phone. You are encouraged to use RealtyZapp messages as you wish but you are also encouraged to make use of any other communications methods. The RealtyZapp system will not disclose other member's email address in messages for privacy reasons but members are free to share their email address with each other if they wish.

Can I get messages emailed to me?

The answer is yes. RealtyZapp will send you an email of any message sent to you provided you have the "Subscribe to conversations" setting checked in your profile's Privacy Settings.

Can I send a message to an email address?

The answer is no. You cannot send a message an arbitrary email address. You will have to use your own email system for that purpose. If another member sends you a message you can send a reply message back to that member. If a guest (non-member) sends you message, hopefully the sender included their contact information i.e. email address or phone number. You must use other means to correspond back with the person. 

How do I use the Messages widget on My Dashboard?

The My Messages widget allows you to view, filter, search, sort, and manage your messages. The basic idea is to use the tools to display your messages and manage them by setting the status of each message and optionally sending a reply message.

You can change the status of a message by clicking on the icon to the left of the message. Each click will cycle the message to the next status i.e. not read, read, followup, replied. Just click on the icon until you get the status you want. You can reply to a message if the message was sent by another RealtyZapp member. You can apply tags to each message to help you categorize and prioritize messages. Use the search box to filter messages for a certain tag.

Add to Contacts (requires a SUPER Agent subscription)

You can add a new Contact from a Message whenever you see the little + button in the lower right corner of the Message. If the email address already exists in your contact list, you will see a > button to  go to the contact.

The + button in the toolbar allows you add an arbitrary contact at any time. The email address and name are required. If the mail address already exists in your Contacts then you will get an error message when you click Add.

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