Who Are You?
RealtyZapp is very social. You may be someone who just wants to browse the properties and remain completely private or you may be a real estate agent who wants to be in the lime light. RealtyZapp is perfect for either.

Manage Your Profile Info

All registered users have a user profile with a display name, avatar and about me. Subscription users have more information and features with their profile.

Choose a display name and upload a avatar to represent yourself. Optionally, provide a little blurb about yourself. These do not show to other users unless you choose to participate in activities like private messaging.

If you make any changes, be sure to click on the Save button.

Manage Your Privacy Settings

All registered users have a privacy settings section where you can manage your preferences. Subscription user have more preferences.

Do Not send me any emails (opt-out). This is a big one. If you check this one, the RealtyZapp system will not (cannot) send you any emails*. Not even reset password links, etc. So do not check this box unless you really, really don't want any emails!

Any email generated from the RealtyZapp system, including those sent on behalf of a agent/broker, will include an identifiable un-subscribe link. Clicking on this link will opt you out of ALL emails.

You can un-subscribe and re-subscribe at will. One method is to use the Privacy Setting. Another method is to click on the unsubscribe link in any email you were sent, you will go to a page that allows you to toggle on/off your email preference. This page also gives you the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe from any emails* from any individual agent/broker who might have you on their RealtyZapp contact list.

Subscribe to conversations. Uncheck this one if you DO NOT want to get emails from conversations e.g. private messages. If unchecked, the messages feature will continue to work, you just won't get email notification of new messages.

Subscribe to heads up notifications. Uncheck this one if you DO NOT want to get emails from heads up notifications i.e. new features, follow up reminders, subscription events, etc. If unchecked, the heads up feature will continue to work, you just won't get emails about them.

*It is assumed and even expected, that you may communicate with other users via personal email outside of the RealtyZapp system e.g. a real estate agent and client emailing each other regarding real estate matters. The RealtyZapp system cannot stop nor is responsible for those email activities.

Subscribe to individual publications

RealtyZapp has great publication and subscription features. There are two flavors of publications, RealtyZapp publications and Agent/Broker publications...

RealtyZapp publications e.g. News and Offers are system generated. You will typically receive no more than 1 email per week.

Agent/Broker publications are emails sent by the RealtyZapp system but are on behalf of individual subscription users of RealtyZapp e.g. a real estate agent. The RealtyZapp system did not provide your email address to the agent. So it is assumed that the agent obtained your email address with your knowledge and consent. Regardless, you can say yes or no to these emails as you wish.

In the case of an Agent/Broker publication, you may want to click on their name to view their profile page.

For Owners/Agents/Brokers

Your subscription affords you more profile information and features allowing you to represent yourself and your properties.

You should complete your Profile page before posting any properties. Your subscription provides you additional sections like Agent Info, Photo & Logo and Custom Theme Settings.

User Info - provide a little blurb about you and upload a Avatar picture. You are a professional, keep it professional. Your display name and avatar are displayed around the system so choose them wisely. Click the Save button to save your information.

Agent Info - complete as much information as possible as it really makes your Agent profile page look great. If you are not a real estate agent or broker then leave those fields empty. Click the Save button to save your information.

If you are required to display your License# according to some regulation, then enter your License# formatted exactly how it should be displayed including any prefix or suffix. Refer to Privacy Settings below as there is a setting labeled Hide my agent information. This affects the display of License#.

Photo & Logo - here is where you get to upload both a photo of yourself and a company logo. Again, these thes make your profile page look great. No subscriber should skip these. The photo should be portrait image whereas the logo should be a horizontal rectangle or a possibly a square. Please follow the size guidelines as too small looks bad, too large is slow, etc. Changes are saved automatically, no need for a save button.

File Attachments - here is where you can upload file attachments i.e. pdf, word, image, etc. The attachments will appear just under your Agent Information on your profile page. Give each attachment a meaningful title and brief description. You can rearrange the order of the attachments and you can delete an attachment. Attachments are saved automagically as you make changes so there is no Save button.

Custom Theme Settings - here is where you can design a color pallet that makes your profile page and listings pop. Click on one of the boxes to set a color or choose one from the color pallet. Optionally, you can click on the  Logo button to grab the colors from your Logo image. Click the Save button to save your theme colors.

Privacy Settings - you have additional settings here to control how you information is displayed on the RealtyZapp site. You can choose to show/hide various information. Keep in mind that if you hide too much information, it will be more difficult for anyone to contact you regarding your properties. Click the Save button to save your information.

Hide my agent information - this will suppress the display of your any/all Agent Information for example on your Profile page, Listings, Directory, etc. Do not set this if you are required for regulatory reasons to display information e.g. License#.

Agent Directory - you can be listed in the RealtyZapp Agent Directory. All you have to do is meet a few requirements.
  1. Active Subscription to Agent or higher
  2. Provide your First and Last Name and/or Company Name
  3. Uploaded a Photo and/or a Logo
  4. Provide a Real Estate License #

Want to display your requirements on your profile page?
All RealtyZapp paid subscriptions include this feature. 

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